There are a whole bunch of two and four legged friends to thank.


First Rachel. Without her drive and enthusiasm this would not have gone anywhere. It would have remained in my head as something I perhaps maybe could/should do.

Without her belief in my photographs and her marketing experience (and patience) to guide me in the right direction I would not be doing this.

Thank you, I love you.

Second Edie. Edie is Rachel's dog whom I photographed often. Little Edie was probably the inspiration to head down this photographic path. I enjoy taking portraits of people, but suddenly Edie made me realise I'd been missing the furry portraits too. 


Then there are Mylo, Oscar, Honey, Barney, Apollo, Rocky, Mindy, Cooper, Bramble, Claude, Mac, Finley and more  who stuck with me patiently when the going got tough.


Thank you