Quotes from the dogs I've met and the people who love them.

Love the photos, captured some beautiful shots of the dogs that we will treasure; think Bramble and Claude enjoyed having their photos taken as much as we enjoy the results!
— Kim & Andy, owners of Bramble and Claude


Oh that's bright!

"The studio light made me blink, but oh I think I look gorgeous"


Fantastic photos, captured the personality of our dogs perfectly!!
— Gillian, owner of Milo, George and Murphy


Très sophistiqué

"How should I pose, mon amie?" 

"Relax and just be yourself" Andy replied.

"I look so elegant. That's very me, merci beaucoup."


Love the clarity and vividness of colour against the bold, black background. The pose of the dogs and characters shine through.
— Lisa, owner of Honey and Oscar


Little legs, big personality


"Look tall" said Andy. 

"I'm trying, don't be so rude!  This is as tall as I get."


Elegant, stylish and striking
— Lucy, owner of Coco the Cockerpoo


Comedy duo

"Stop trying to look like Dracula, you just look ridiculous!" said Apollo to Rocky