As seen on the BBC website

Caving in the Ardeche, France. Featured on the BBC website.


Midge Ure

I've had the great pleasure to work with one of UK's musical legends, Midge Ure, for many years. Both promotional, resulting in a CD cover and live concert photography.

I first worked with Midge in 1992 and still see one particular photograph in use occasionally today. One even ended up on the back of a double decker bus promoting The Sage in Gateshead... full size!

Here shown on photography taken at his studio in 2017. The photographs and art work which are being used for his 2017 / 18 tour with 'Band Electronica'.


Salisbury Life Magazine

And from the same two day visit to Midge's studio produced this. We had only a small space, 5 blokes and torrential rain outside.

Pressure to get the shot.

We got this recalling a story about the first photographs I took of Midge.