There is no upfront or sitting fee.


There no risk. If you do not like the final proofs there is no commitment to buy. Also, if on the day your pet does not feel like being a supermodel there is no charge; we can rearrange another session.

The only cost is for the prints you purchase.

Please contact me to discuss pricing based upon your individual requirements.

If you only want Digital copies I can do that for you.


They will be supplied on a on USB key with accompanying letter giving permission to have reprints. The cost of this however reflects the fact that this suggests you will be doing your own printing and not ordering prints from


Note: Copyright remains with Andy Siddens. Use of the photographs either electronically or on hardcopy must only be for personal and/or social media use, I.E. Not for resale / licensing in any way.




Take the photograph at a location of your choosing

Produce a contact sheet of the results

Review and advise on selection and print sizes

Deliver a print

Create bespoke montages, triptychs