Working Title 'North, South, Abbey and West'

A spark of an idea came from watching a musician starting out on a project to create a new album. With no theme, no artwork ideas or even any songs. Just the desire to begin a journey that could end up with a classic piece of work.

So this made me think. I need a project to work on the next few months. This won’t be an album, but a photo book. Now I had to decide on a topic.

I wanted it to be something I had easy access to and could be gradually chipped away at. With Brexit never off the news and ever imminent unless it be postponed again, I decided to make a series of photographs of my hometown during its last days as a member of the E.U.

Photographer’s hometowns are some what of a cliche, but with the time constraint of an E.U. departure deadline it would give me the impetus to get the job done.

With a single lens on the camera I headed off on a night walk into the town to look for the quirks and characteristics that make the place what it is.