Frequently Asked Questions


What area do you cover?

  • As standard a 30 mile radius around Bourne.
  • Out of that area? No problem. Whatever Google Maps thinks X 20p

What if on the the day a pet just doesn't want their photo taken?

  • No problem.
  • If we just can't get a photograph we are not happy with, there is no charge.
  • I'll happily rearrange and try again.

Do you do portraits people / family shots?

  • Oh yes, absolutely!
  • Have a look here

Do you do weddings?

  • No
  • Why not? Go on please your photographs on the site are great!
  • Oh gone on, we like what you have done for us!
  • No again.
  • Why not? Because wedding photography is not my speciality and it is your special day.  Many photographers would just say yes and blag it. I've seen many 'average' wedding photographs.
  • I'd like to stick to doing what I do very well thank you.
  • But you site has the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers logo on it....? I know, but just the portrait part of this is where I sit!

Can I just buy the digital files so I can print them myself?

I prefer to supply you with a well edited and cropped photograph on paper! That is where photographs should be. In a frame, on a wall, a desk, in a locket or even on a coaster!... not a digital file on a hard disk.

I do however appreciate that some would like there photographs delivered in this way. Please bear in mind that when I supply the photographs digitally on a CD/DVD/Memory stick I'm also giving you permission to do what you want 'for personal use only'. You can print and frame as you like but I retain all copyright so they cannot be sold on or used professionally in any way.


Can I post the pictures on social media?

Yes, I'll happily supply up to three low resolution photographs digitally but please tag them with ''.

Have you anything published?

Yep, follow this link...

What about data protection, GDRS, and all that privacy stuff?

This is a minefield, and as of May 2018 even more so. So to try and avoid too much small print. Here goes.

Your details (Name, address, phone number) I will hold only for as long as necessary to complete the work. During this time they are kept on password protected laptop.

I hold no financial details whatsoever for any length of time.

I will pass on your information to no third parties.

Once you are happy that you have ordered what you what from the photo session I will delete the details.

What equipment do you use?

Really? It is about the final prints. 

If you must ask. I use a full frame digital cameras, studio flash and a flash meter.