Frequently Asked Questions


What area do you cover?

  • As standard a 30 mile radius around Bourne.
  • Further afield? No problem, contact me for a quote.

What if on the the day your pet just doesn't want their photo taken?

  • No problem, it happens.
  • If we just can't get a photograph we are happy with, there is no charge.
  • I'll happily rearrange and try again.

What happens? How long does it take?

  • I will come to the chosen location and set up a small pop up studio consisting of a flash / soft box, reflector, backdrop and obviously a camera.
  • Setup of the equipment takes around 15 minutes. Then after some time with your pet and a few test flashes to make sure he or she is at ease with all the sudden fuss we can begin.
  • I will ask your help to try get the best out of the photoshoot, you know your pet best and how they respond. Usually a few treats help!
  • If your dog is too nervous or a little stressed with the excitement we can simply postpone or give them more time to settle. Their happiness during this is paramount.
  • The whole session I would expect to be completed in 45 minutes to an hour at max. 
  • I will then put on computer etc at  etc.

Do you do weddings?

  • No
  • Why not? Go on please, your photographs on the site are great!
  • Oh gone on, we like what you have done for us!
  • No again.
  • Why not? Because wedding photography is not my speciality and it is your special day.  Many photographers would just say yes and blag it. I've seen many 'average' wedding photographs.
  • I'd like to stick to doing what I do very well thank you.
  • But you site has the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers logo on it....? I know, but just the portrait part of this is where I sit!

Can I just buy the digital files so I can print them myself?

Yes, please read the Pricing Section here


Can I post the pictures on social media?

Yes, I'll happily supply some low resolution digital photographs with the site logo on.

What about data protection, GDRS, and all that privacy stuff?

This is a minefield, and as of May 2018 even more so. So to try and avoid too much small print. Here goes.

Your details (Name, address, phone number) I will hold only for as long as necessary to complete the work. During this time they are kept on password protected laptop.

I hold no financial details whatsoever for any length of time.

I will not pass your information on to any third parties.

Once you are happy that you have ordered what you want from the photo session I will delete the details.

What equipment do you use?


Full frame digital cameras, studio flash and a flash meter!